On the Table

I thought I show the different projects I have going on at the moment. My first priority is getting the rest of my blood bowl templates and coins done.

After that I picked up some epic 40k space marines off of eBay earlier in the year. With these guys I’m planning on doing a couple of entries for golden demon at warhammerfest coming up in may. Will i win? Nope, but who cares its all in fun! The first one being a 30k World Eaters ten man devastator squad with a rhino. The second one for the duel category with a terminator Chaplin fighting a hive tyrant. Not sure what chapter that one will be yet.

The last at the moment is the trophies for the local blood bowl league. I managed to find some old min American football helmets from those toy vending machines and some old terrain pillars as bases.

I’ll cut up some plasticard to make the face guards a bit orcish and add some spikes to the top. Lastly I’m going to be getting some boards and make my own gaming table for my home which will be a slow process over the year.

I’m looking to do a new update of what projects I have going on every couple of weeks so make sure to stop back!

First post!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m Dusty and starting a gaming blog is something that I have wanted to do for some time now. I started tabletop gaming about fifteen years ago with a break for a couple years in the middle.

My interests for painting and playing with miniatures started when my parents bought my brother and I Weapons and Warriors for Christmas.


I just remember thinking how awesome the little knights for it were. So I took some of my Mom’s thick acrylic paints and just absolutely smothered the little guy losing all detail on the model. ¬†There was a way to play the game by moving spaces and maybe dice involved? Well the way we played was to set up our guys, on each side of the living room floor, in castles and bunkers and just fire little red canon balls back and forth until one of us list all our knights.

Fast forward eight to ten years my brother and his friends started to get into warhammer 40k. I remeber seeing some of the models and wanted to know what else there was. So we got in my car and had him direct me to the nearest gaming store. I walked through the doors and thought I’m in love. I picked up my first models that day. A five man box of space marines, a 3rd edition rulebook¬†and a handful of paints.


I’ve built and got rid of a few armies since then: space marines, grey knights, chaos space marines, white scars and now dark eldar. The dark eldar are the only ones I have left now and absolutely love the models.


I’ve started looking at what some of the other companies have been putting out. I have also started playing dystopian wars, blood bowl and zombicide.

What I want to do with this blog is just share my progress of armies and miniatures, make some tutorials, share my gaming days out at conventions, my time at Oxford gaming club and at some point start creating video bat reps. While you’re here I hope you enjoy my blog and my life in gaming!

See ya soon!